Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Rowdy Hound?
Rowdy Hound is a Motorcycle dog brand committed to improving the lives of dogs and riders. The Rowdy Hound Motorcycle Dog Kennel is a practical, tactical, rugged, and customizable solution for Motorcyclists wanting to share the love of the ride with Mans Best Friend.
What weight can it support? I.e. up to x pounds
Medium unit is built for up to 75lb dogs. Pitbulls, bull dogs, hound dogs, beagles, cattle dogs, terriers, Shiba inu and more. We’ve fit a 90lb basset hound. It’s more about the shape/height of the dog. The dogs shoulders should be no taller than “24” inches and dog no longer than 36 inches
How much does the carrier weigh? What are the dimensions?
The carrier weight + mount = 50lbs. It measures 2 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet.
How long does it take to install? How fast can you take it off?
Mounting docking hardware, for the first time, takes 5 minutes. After the initial mount, the kennel has a quick-release and can be mounted in 30 seconds or less.
How does the dog training course work? What does it entail?
The training course includes written instructions and a video course is in development. It is a 2-6 week desensitization program to help dogs get comfortable with the sounds and sensations of riding.
Do you have stats on hours ridden? Do you have any info/stats on crashes?
We have ridden 500+ hours and 5000+ miles on the road. Crash stats will be tested after production of actual units., but we have dropped mounted 3d printed prototypes at low speeds with no damage to the unit or dog.
Could we have more information on your mounting systems in collaboration with Cobra Engineering?
We trained the CEO’s dog so he has his R&D team developing the Rowdy Hound mounting systems.
What brand does your roto molding?
Roto Dynamics, Inc in Orange, CA.
Could we have more info on “various sizing, compatibility accessories, and optional features”?
Our goal is to create small and large units to better accommodate dogs of all sizes. Compatibility with different motorcycle models is a big challenge because we have to engineer a new mounting system for each model. Our current plan is to add new models as we see demand for them (so if you want your model added, make sure to join our waiting list!) As far as available accessories, they include an inner cooling pad, crash harness, dog goggles and earmuffs, external mounting plates, and Rowdy Hound merchandise.
What colors are available?
Black and Gunmetal Grey
Is it compatible with any other brands besides Harley Davidson, Indian, and BMW large frame motorcycles?
Once we have ~50 customers with any one model of bike we will develop mounting systems for said bike. Currently we have mounting systems designed for 1998-2021 Harley Davidson Touring models and Third Generation BMW R1200RT.
Is there a heating pad along with the cooling pad?
No, but it would be easy to design. The thinking behind the cooling pads is that most dogs are going to be too hot rather than too cold.
What are its waterproof/water resistant features?
The design of the unit and accessories will help to keep your dog dry. The material itself is waterproof.
Is it reflective?
Retroflective flashing is added for visibility and safety.
Any other tech specs?
Material data sheets are available complete with all of the various industry geek-speak.
Can we get more information about how the style was modeled after performance helmets?
Just like a performance helmet, we have added intentional ribbing, ridging, and shaping developed by aerospace engineers modeled after performance parts and tested in physics engines.
Any DOT certifications?
Not yet, will be tested upon production.
When is the estimated availability?
Late October, 2021
Do you have a payment plan option?
Yes, our payment processor allows you to split the total into four equal payments.
Where do you ship?
Our current shipping options only allow us to ship to the continental US.
Can you still mount the RH with a passenger seat or do you need a solo seat?
The unit goes on top of a passenger seat. It can also fit a saddleman seat.
If I’ve already placed an order but have gotten another bike, can I change my order before it ships?
Yes, please contact as soon as possible.