Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I get my Pre-Order?

If we can get enough pre-orders by the end of the year, new units should be on the road as early as the start of Spring '24. We start shipping once we have 100 pre-orders for the particular model.
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How do I join the pre-order waitlist?

Not only are we producing another batch of Rowdy Hound mediums for the Harley touring models, we're also currently taking pre-orders and prototyping units for Rowdy Hounds for the Indian BMW and Harley models as well as a 3-up mounting system.

Click the link the below to get your ASAP: https://rowdyhound.com/products/pre-order-waitlist

Is the Rowdy Hound really safe?

Yes. Made of high denisty polyethelene, the Rowdy Hound was designed by aerospace engineers to be the most durable, aerodynamic, and stylish motorcycle dog carrier on the road.

Shipping Info

Once the unit has been fulfilled in our warehouse it usually takes about about a week to ship it anywhere in the US

Returns & Refunds

Rowdy hound had a 30 day money back guaruntee as long as product is not damaged.