Recommended Gear

Products That Make The Experience Better For Your Dog

We recommend these products because they are great products. We don’t earn any commission on them and we have no relationship with these companies. These are the products that we use because they work and they make the experience better for you and your dog.

Rex Specs

Rex Specs dog goggles provide durable, dependable eye protection for your partner. All lenses are impact-resistant, rated UV400 (blocks 99-100% UVA/UVB), and easy to replace.

Cooler Dog cooling pad

The Hydro Cooling Mat™ employs a “Triple Layer Cooling Design” that includes a waterbed cushion, a FlexiFreeze® Ice Sheet (equal to nearly 8 trays of ice) and a 1/2” thick insulating foam insert. This veterinarian approved product is powered by PURE WATER and contains no harmful chemicals or gels.

Mutt Muffs
Mutt Muffs were specifically engineered to meet the contour of a dog’s head to provide the best passive sound reduction possible. A dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than ours. It makes sense that if you are wearing hearing protection, so should he.
Icefang Harness

The Icefang Tactical harness is built of quality materials, distributes force evenly, and will hold your dog comfortably and securely in the Rowdy Hound while you ride.